Knight Street Erskineville

22 July 2020

This heritage area in Newtown and Erskineville were established in the early 1900s. Among its’ pride are lots 1 and 7 which were erected on the same day the area was formed and was considered as one of the only townhouse development of such kind in both suburbs known for being the heart of Sydney’s alternative scene.

The complex comprises of a single level basement with a podium slab acting as a transfer to 12 of the 17 lots. There were systemic defects from water ingress to the basement via the podium, corroded external render beadings, corroded/non-compliant balustrades, and other general defects.

The project presented many challenges, namely the use of liquid membranes, screed, and tiling in a highly trafficked area in the podium slab which is the only entry to 6 of the 17 lots. The daily coordination with the lot occupants was staged for waterproofing and screed works. Renfay applied a Class III membrane to both the slab substrate and the tile screed and were periodically inspected by Ardex with a subsequent product performance warranty.

All external beading and drummy from the complex were removed and replaced with PVC beading, Ardex WPM405 bonding agent and Elflock to prevent any further efflorescence.

All balustrades in the complex were replaced including a newly designed balustrade test and certified in conjunction with the client.

All facades including new and old render were primed using render sealer and solvent primer respectively, with a new membrane coating in the form of Dulux Acratex System.

The works were completed in December 2018.

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